Frequently Asked Questions

All the above names are the same. However there are various varibles, designs, quality of grass and styles. Additionally the name ‘AstroTurf’ is a trademarked word that became so commonly used that it is used in the everyday language, like “Dyson” and “Apple” which are also trademark names!

Artificial grass lasts in most cases for more than 10 years. It doesn’t fade, it doesn’t break, and it doesn’t stain. And comes with a 10 year guarentee.

I wish we could be more specific, yet its all down to the size of the area that requires artificial grass transformation. We can be more specific with you when we chat on your requirements.

Good News! Artificial grass requires very low maintenance! This is one of the huge benefits to having artificial grass. A light brushing every month or as and when it needs it.

The warranty is for 8-10 Years (depending on the type of grass) however in for domestic environments, artificial grass can last anywhere between 15-20 years.

It will look great and natural. However there are some cheaper artificial grass products out there that can be instantly recognised as being fake. We supply high-quality products that will have your artificial grass area looking amazing.

No. However some fake grass can fade, but we only sell quality products that are designed to withstand the sun’s effects. If you buy your artificial grass from the-grassman.co.uk it will not lose its colour.

Yes. It won’t catch fire and burn away, however, fire will cause damage to the grass so no bonfires, setting of fireworks and the upmost care and safety with the placement of any chiminea or fire pit.

It sure is Pet Friendly. Artificial grass presents no hazard to pets at all.

Yes it sure is Child friendly. Artificial grass is non-toxic and cushioned. It is much safer than real grass or concrete. Artificial grass is very popular for many child play areas, schools and nurseries in the UK

All of our products are fully porous and are free draining so water behaves as if the artificial grass isn’t even there. This can be discussed more specifically with you when sourcing a quote and prior to installation services.

The good news is that our artificial grass is non flammable, however its still made of polypropylene a form of plastic so it could be damaged by a fallen hot coal, yet it will not burn your house down. ( Fingers crossed).

A gas BBQ is better as no loose hot coals are used. We strongly recommend placing on paving slabs or a patio area to protect the grass.

Rest assured all of our artificial grasses are sand infilled, which will further protect the grass in various ways. All of our products have been safety tested to ensure maximum protection for you and your family.

Yes it sure can. This is increasingly popular for exhibitions, conferences, product launches, indoor play areas and eaven with boutiques and shops. All our artificial grass range can be used indoors, in some creatively artistic ways too! Commonly businesses buy artificial grass to use as an artificial grass carpet, this is perfect for creating a friendly and modern environment for customers or clients.

Artificial grass putting greens are becoming more and more common nowadays. Whether it is installed outside or inside, It provides both durability and aesthetic perfection.

And increasely popular in the UK, are indoor and out door child play artificial grass play areas for nurseries and schools.

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