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Take a look through our artificial grass blogs, sharing Grass Man updates, top tips and all things artificial grass related on how to care for your artificial grass area and keep it looking natural and looking good  all year round, and all weather conditions.

Domestic cat and dog in artificial grass lawn

Happy dogs in the garden with artificial grass

Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets | Soft on paws, yet hardwearing and long-lasting, the Hamilton artificial grass for dogs means no more muddy paws or patchy lawn stains.

The Hamilton pet grass range is also specifically designed to prevent moisture retention in the fibres that leads to unpleasant urine odour build up.

Happy dogs in the garden with artificial grass – Hamilton.

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Winter Garden Care for Artificial Grass | The Grassman

Winter Garden Care

Winter has huge effects on your garden, and it takes its toll for about five to six months. To help you get through the autumn and winter season, we have provided, some essential winter garden care advice for artificial grass, to keep your lawn looking great all year round.

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