Artificial Grass types

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Eden Artificial Grass

The elite, top-of-the-range Grassman product.

With its super-soft feel, it is the most realistic synthetic grass in the marketplace. This premier product is without question the ultimate grass for any garden or balcony,  weighing over 3137gr/m2 and with micro nerve fibres. Perfect for children and pets too.

Hobson Artificial Grass

Hobson is an absolutely fantastic product and remains a very popular choice with our customers. Hobson grass has been created with a slightly more vibrant green colour.

Nelson Artificial Grass

Nelson Artificial grass with its super-soft feel and dead grass infill, it is the most realistic synthetic grass in the marketplace.

Albany Artificial Grass

Albany Artificial Grass has been developed for high footfall garden and leisure areas. With a new S-shaped yarn this product manages to stay a great deal more upright.

It looks more realistic than ever and delivers a mud and mess-free outdoor environment for the most active of kids to play 365 days a year.

Botany Artificial Grass

Botany artificial grass still with a 38mm super soft pile height and requiring very little in the maintenance of things, just a brush over now and again. 

Marlborough Artificial Grass

The strongest and most durable grass in our range, this product has been designed and developed for heavy traffic commercial areas, such as, sports areas, schools, nurseries, colleges, universities and exhibitions.

Pet Artificial Grass

With so many of people today being devoted animal lovers and especially being dog lovers, there has been a huge amount of time committed to developing artificial grass for pets, that looks great to the eye and also perfect for cats and dogs.

Specialised Artificial Grass

With Years in its designing and testing, is perfect for heavy traffic areas with a short pile height and extremely hardwearing and durable. It’s the strongest grass with “high crush resistance” (HCR). With perfect colour tones and it is hugely popular with people with rooftops and balconies too.

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