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Our experienced team at The Grassman are the premier local installers of artificial grass in Northamptonshire. We can completely renovate your garden by supplying and installing one of our premium artificial grasses.  Northamptonshire homeowners are turning to synthetic grass as an alternative to traditional lawns because they look lovely all year round with little to no maintenance. These synthetic grasses are the perfect option for your garden, whether you’re doing a complete landscaping project, adding in a mini golf course, or simply replacing patchy grass. Our artificial grass is soft yet strong, so it’ll be a great addition to your garden for years to come.  Contact our staff at The Grassman through our online contact form and make the switch to artificial grass today. 

Benefits Of Artificial Grass in Northamptonshire

There’s a  huge range of benefits to having artificial grass installed in place of conventional natural lawns. The main advantages include improving your garden, maintaining outdoor cleanliness, and maintaining a tidy lawn with no more mowing required. 

“The lawn mower can be retired along with all other maintenance that is required.”

No  routine mower servicing each spring

No more sharpening or replacing expensive mower blades

No more buying costly mower fuel or oil

No need for electricity to run the mower every weekend

Free up space in your garden shed

Weed-Free Lawns In Northamptonshire

Weeding is a constant, time-consuming, and laborious task. But with artificial grass from The Grassman, it’s now a thing of the past! 

One of the main reasons Northamptonshire homeowners make the switch from natural grass to artificial turf is the freedom from weeding. With a professionally installed artificial lawn, you’ll never have to worry about weeds again. 

If an errant weed does poke through your new artificial grass, do not worry. The organic infill layer on all of our products prevents the weed from growing deep roots, so any weed removal is easy and minimal. 

Low Maintenance Lawns

With natural turf, it’s expected that homeowners will need to pay for expensive lawn treatments or do regular watering or maintenance to keep the lawn looking lush. We at The Grassman understand how difficult it is to keep a Northamptonshire lawn looking manicured while also managing a busy lifestyle and limited free time. We can completely eliminate those outdoor household tasks for you with our artificial grass installation. 

Working with The Grassman and his crew on your one-time transformation project with high-quality artificial grass will give you a low-maintenance garden lawn solution that will keep your lawn looking great all year. 

A Beautiful Lawn All Year Round

Our range of artificial grasses are low maintenance and will look lush no matter the weather. Oftentimes, when traditional grass is deprived of light in the winter months, it can die and leave unsightly dirt patches. Even setting up a slide, a paddling pool, or tables and chairs can leave patches on the lawn. 

However, artificial turf doesn’t need sunlight to look lovely and lush. Feel free to move around furniture without leaving lifeless patchy grass behind. Fill up a paddling pool with ease and tip it over on your artificial grass to give it a little rinse if needed! 

Our high-quality artificial grass is installed with an organic turf infill which provides protection and premium quality. It also helps water drain from the grass much better than a natural lawn, so your garden won’t become waterlogged. 

Have you ever had your chair slowly sinking into the grass ?

We install our artificial grass on a sturdy granite base, there won’t be any more sinking tables or chairs. The Grassman and his crew can maintain your artificial lawn in Northamptonshire.

Children and Pet Friendly! 

With an artificial grass lawn, your garden is always safe to play in for your kids, pets, and other family members. Synthetic turf doesn’t need to use chemicals like pesticides or fertilisers to stay green, so your family is safe from potential toxins. Your pets will benefit from our selection of high-quality grasses, and your children will have a great time playing freely on the artificial lawn.

Pet odours won’t be an issue with careful preparation and the use of high performance organic turf infill for premium quality and protection, and your lawn will look gorgeous all year long.

To get started on your one-time garden transformation with The Grassman, fill out our online contact form and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

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