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For all your artificial grass needs, The Grassman is your go-to solution. We specialise in garden makeovers and offer a complete range of services, from planning and design to installation. Our expert team can take any lawn and transform it into a gorgeous landscape, perfect for hosting or simply enjoying throughout the year.  Across Market Harborough, artificial grass is becoming a favourite choice for residential properties, daycare centres, and playgrounds. Let The Grassman team enhance your garden, providing you with a stunning, low-maintenance lawn and a year-round play area using top-quality artificial turf. Don’t wait any longer; contact our team today to discover more and transform your outdoor space into a lush and hassle-free paradise!

Benefits Of Artificial Grass in Market Harborough

When it comes to lawns, artificial grass offers numerous benefits compared to traditional alternatives. Whether you want to revamp your garden, keep your outdoor space clean, or bid farewell to the hassle of mowing, artificial grass has you covered.

Here are some key advantages to opting for artificial turf:

Say goodbye to the tangle of mower cords.

Eliminate expensive spring maintenance for your mower.

Forget about the need to replace or sharpen blades.

No more worries about oil or fuel shortages for your lawn equipment.

Save on electricity bills by avoiding weekly mower runs.

As a bonus, you’ll find your garden shed suddenly has more space!

Weed-Free Lawns In Market Harborough

The era of weeding is over, all thanks to artificial grass! The main reason for opting for synthetic grass instead of natural grass is to bid farewell to the never-ending and time-consuming task of weeding. With expertly installed artificial turf, weeds have become a thing of the past.

Occasionally, a weed might dare to poke its head through the neatly trimmed grass blades. But fear not; the infill of the artificial turf makes it a breeze to swiftly eliminate any rogue weeds that manage to break through.

Low Maintenance Lawns

Maintaining the year-round allure of natural lawns often entails frequent and costly upkeep. For those juggling busy schedules and limited free time, managing tasks such as lawn fertilisation and treatments can be a daunting prospect, sometimes requiring the services of maintenance companies. Certain natural grass providers even offer service agreements, complete with extra fees for continued care.

When it comes to your garden lawn project in Market Harborough, The Grassman offers an affordable, one-time solution that’s easy to maintain. With occasional brushing, your Market Harborough lawn will retain its enchanting appearance throughout the year, ensuring that maintenance remains a hassle-free affair.

A Beautiful Lawn All Year Round

Artificial grass offers a hassle-free, weather-resistant solution. Natural grass often develops unsightly dead, brown patches, especially when furniture like tables, chairs, slides, or paddling pools are placed on it, blocking the light.

With artificial grass, you need not fret about unsightly, bare patches when rearranging furniture. You can empty that paddling pool at your convenience without waiting for the grass to grow long. Moreover, thanks to the high-performance organic turf infill, water drains efficiently from your pool, much better than on a natural grass lawn.

Remember those sinking chairs in your yard? The Grassman’s artificial grass ensures you’ll never experience that frustration again. Our robust granite base provides a sturdy foundation for everything you place on it.

Children and Pet Friendly! 

Enhance your Market Harborough garden into an all-season haven for your family, including children and pets, with the addition of an artificial grass lawn. We provide a range of premium grass varieties that are perfect for your beloved animals. Moreover, our kid-friendly artificial lawn is designed to delight your children.

Artificial grass is wonderful for your family’s pets as well. Worried about pet odours? Fear not! Through thoughtful planning and the use of high-performance organic turf infill, you’ll enjoy top-notch quality, protection, and a consistently beautiful lawn, no matter the season.

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All Artificial Lawns Are Installed with a 10 Guarantee!


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