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The Grass Man are your local artificial grass experts in Leicestershire. We are experts in transforming your garden as well as the preparation and installation of artificial grass. Artificial grass in Leicester has become increasingly popular with homeowners in the area, transforming your garden and having a great looking lawn all year round, with a minimal level of maintenance required. Whether you’re simply tidying up your current garden or doing a landscaping project from scratch, artificial grass is a fantastic option for all your garden renovations. Rest assured that our top-notch artificial grass is strong but plush, making it the best option for providing enduring comfort in your garden for years to come.  Contact our staff at The Grassman through our online contact form and begin creating your ideal lawn right away.
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Benefits Of Artificial Grass in Leicestershire

Having artificial grass in place of conventional natural lawns offers a huge range of benefits. Some of the main benefits are transforming your garden, keeping up with the outdoors housekeeping, and keeping the lawn tidy, with no more mowing to do. 

“The lawn mower can be retired along with all other maintenance that is required.”

No more catching the mower lead

No mower servicing each spring

No more sharpening or replacing blades

No more running out of fuel or oil

No need for electricity to run the mower every weekend

Free up space in your garden shed

Weed Free Lawns In Leicestershire

Weeding, which used to be a constant, time-consuming, and laborious task, is now a thing of the past. This is frequently one of the main reasons homeowners think about switching to artificial grass. Weeds in Leicestershire become a distant memory with a professionally installed artificial lawn. 

You might on occasion notice a weed sticking its head above the neatly trimmed grass. However, because the artificial turf has an organic infill layer, it is simple and easy to remove any superhero weeds that manage to get through.

Low Maintenance Garden Lawns

In general, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your lawn lush and attractive all year long. The task of feeding the lawn and applying treatments seasonally—which, for many of us, requires hiring a maintenance company—is difficult for those of us with busy schedules and limited free time. This often results in a service contract and extra money spent

When you work with The Grassman and his team on your one-time transformation project with quality artificial grass in Leicestershire, you’ll have a low maintenance garden lawn solution that will keep your lawn looking great all year long with only the occasional brooming.

Using Your Lawn All Year Round

Artificial grass requires little upkeep and suffers little from seasonal weather changes. When natural grass lawns are deprived of light, they suffer and leave behind brown dead patches. For example, setting up a slide, paddling pool, or table and chairs on the grass results in brown, dead patches. 

Artificial grass allows you to move your furniture whenever you want without worrying about leaving behind brown, lifeless patches. When the time is right, rather than when you need to mow the lawn, you can empty the kiddie pool. 

Additionally, because the high-quality artificial grass is installed on a high-performance organic turf infill for protection and premium quality, the water will drain from your pool much more effectively than it would on a natural grass lawn.

Have you ever had your chair slowly sinking into the grass ?

The Grassman and his crew can maintain your artificial lawn in Leicestershire, and because of the artificial grass’s sturdy granite base, there won’t be any more sinking tables or chairs.

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Children-and-Pet Friendly

With an artificial grass lawn, your garden is always accessible to your kids, pets, and other family members. Our selection of high-quality grasses is particularly suited for pets, and your kids will enjoy playing easily on the kid-friendly artificial lawn. 

Pet odours won’t be an issue with careful preparation and the use of high performance organic turf infill for premium quality and protection, and your lawn will look gorgeous all year long.

To get started on your one-time garden transformation with The Grassman, fill out our online contact form and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

All Artificial Lawns Are Installed with a 10 Year Guarantee!

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