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Do you find yourself spending hours slaving away, perfectly manicuring your Kettering lawn ahead of the summer season? Then you aren’t one of our customers. At least, not yet! 

If you want to reclaim that time, invest in an artificial grass garden.  With our artificial grass, you can have the lush lawn of your dreams without any routine maintenance. Synthetic turf is the ideal way to maintain a gorgeous lawn all year long.

Our artificial grass is designed to have a natural look and feel so it’s almost indistinguishable from a natural lawn. All of our lawn installations come with a ten-year quality guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing the aesthetics of your garden are in good hands. 

If you’re interested in making your lawn low maintenance and fertiliser-free, fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you. 

Artificial Grass Kettering installation

Benefits Of Artificial Grass in Kettering

Go ahead, throw that old rusty lawn mower away. With artificial grass, there’s no need to mow your lawn! 

If you install synthetic turf from The Grassman, you can keep your lawn looking lush and tidy without having to use a noisy mower. Additionally, if you’re not buying lawn mower necessities like oil or fuel, you can put that extra money right back into your pocket. Here are a few other perks of making the switch to artificial grass:  

Minimal maintenance. No watering or weeding is required; just use a broom to sweep away any debris that may collect on your artificial Kettering lawn. 

It’s safe for children and animals to play in due to the lack of harmful pesticides and fertilisers. 

Mow no more! Free up space in your garden shed and your weekend schedule by ditching your mower. 

Weed-Free Lawns In Kettering

Say goodbye to back-breaking weeding and hello to a perfect lawn with artificial grass from The Grassman! Our high-quality synthetic turf is completely weed-free and requires minimal maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful Kettering garden. The natural look and feel of our synthetic grass eliminates the need for mowing, watering, or weeding. 

Even if an errant weed does pop up, our organic infill layer allows for easy removal with a gentle pull. With the realistic texture and natural colour of our turf, nobody in Wellingborough will be able to tell the difference between your lawn and a natural one. Invest in The Grassman’s top-quality artificial grass for a gorgeous, hassle-free lawn all year round!

Low Maintenance Garden Lawns

Artificial grass is incredibly easy to maintain, so you’ll have an immaculate lawn all year long. 

There’s no need to water, fertilise, or mow a garden laid with synthetic turf. It’s perfect for Kettering homeowners with limited free time who want a beautiful green garden without the stress or inconvenience of constant yard work. Not to mention any money you’d save on any expensive lawn treatments or maintenance expenses! 

Why struggle with weeds and upkeep when you can have a beautiful artificial grass lawn instead? Feel free to contact us to see if synthetic turf would be right for you. 

Use Your Lawn All Year Round

By installing synthetic turf in your garden, you’ll be able to take advantage of your luxurious green lawn throughout the year. Compared to real grass, which may turn brown and die in areas when exposed to extreme conditions, our premium artificial grass is designed to stay green and lush no matter the weather or time of year.

The artificial grass we offer is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Feel free to move around your garden furniture, set up tables and chairs, and even install a paddling pool for your kids. Whatever additions you choose for your Kettering garden, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll be stable on top of your artificial grass thanks to the sturdy granite base underneath.  

Artificial Grass Kettering transformation

Child And Pet Friendly!

When you have artificial grass, there’s no need to use fertilisers or pesticides, which contain harmful chemicals. This makes artificial turn a great option for families with children and pets! 

The organic turf infill has a plush texture that your kids will love, but the artificial grass is so durable that your energetic dogs can play without damaging it. To help Kettering families with pets, we offer a variety of odour-protected grasses designed with pets in mind.

This product is made to be lived on, so it’ll hold up against everyday use. Just to make sure you and your family feel extra secure, all of our installations come with a ten-year warranty. Our artificial grass will keep performing for years to come! 

Get your artificial grass now and start enjoying a beautiful, long-lasting, hassle-free lawn!

All Artificial Lawns Are Installed with a 10 Guarantee!


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