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The Grassman is your local artificial grass expert in Daventry. We are specialists in garden transformation, as well as in the planning and installation of your garden project from beginning to end. Artificial grass in Daventry is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, nurseries, and playgrounds for children. With only a minimal amount of maintenance needed, synthetic turf from our team at The Grassman transforms your garden and gives you a great-looking lawn and play area all year long. Contact our team today for more information and get a lush-looking lawn today!

Benefits Of Artificial Grass in Daventry

There are many advantages to using artificial grass in place of traditional turfed lawns. The main advantages include redesigning your garden, maintaining outdoor cleanliness, and maintaining a tidy lawn without having to mow it. 

As we like to say, “The lawn mower can be retired along with all other maintenance required!”

No more catching the mower lead

No mower servicing each spring

No more sharpening or replacing blades

No more running out of fuel or oil

There is no need for electricity to run the mower every weekend

Plus, you free up space in your garden shed!

Weed-Free Lawns In Daventry 

Weeding is now a thing of the past thanks to artificial grass! The primary factor that causes homeowners to switch to artificial grass is weeding, which is a constant, time-consuming task. With professionally installed artificial grass in Daventry, weeds are a distant memory. 

A weed may appear from time to time, poking its head above the neat and tidy blades of grass. However, because the artificial turf has an infill, if one of the superhero weeds manages to make its way through, it can be easily removed.

Low-Maintenance Garden Lawns

Keeping your lawn green and beautiful all year requires regular maintenance. For those of us who have limited time and lead busy lives, the task of feeding the lawn and applying treatments from season to season, which for many entails hiring a maintenance company, can be daunting. This frequently results in a service contract and additional costs.  

But with the help of The Grassman and his team, you can have a low-maintenance, inexpensive garden lawn solution for your one-time transformation project. With just the occasional brushing, your Daventry lawn will maintain its lovely appearance all year long.

Use Your Lawn All Year Round

Artificial grass is weather-resistant and requires very little upkeep. Natural grass lawns suffer when deprived of light and develop dead, brown patches. For instance, placing a table and chairs, slide, or paddling pool on the grass results in brown, dead patches. 

You can move your furniture whenever you want on artificial grass without worrying about bare, dead patches. The paddling pool can be emptied whenever you are ready, not when the grass needs to be cut. 

Additionally, because the high-quality artificial grass is installed on a high-performance organic turf infill for protection, the water will soak away from your pool much more effectively than it would on a natural grass lawn when you do need to empty it.

Have you ever had your chair slowly sink into the grass?

With artificial grass from the Grassman, you’ll never have to worry about that again! There’ll be no more sinking chairs or tables thanks to the artificial grass’s sturdy granite base, which provides a solid foundation for anything placed on it.

Child and Pet Friendly! 

Your garden in Daventry will be accessible to your kids, pets, and the rest of the family all year long with the addition of an artificial grass lawn.

The kid-friendly artificial lawn will be a hit with your kids, and we also have a selection of high-quality grasses that are excellent for animals. 

Pet odours will not be an issue with careful preparation and the use of high-performance organic turf infill for premium quality and protection, and your lawn will look gorgeous all year.

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All Artificial Lawns Are Installed with a 10 Guarantee!

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